Parent-Teacher Interviews

Tuesday, 1 August, 4pm-7pm

Thursday, 3 August, 4pm-7pm


School will close early on each day at 2.10pm to allow for teacher preparation and set-up.

Online bookings open Wednesday, 26 July, at 9am
They close on Tuesday, 1 August, at 8.30am
Bookings for Thursday re-open on Wednesday, 2 August, at 8.30am

Booking site:

Event code: uf57j

NB: It is useful to have your child’s report with you when making bookings so you know the courses they are taking and names of their teachers.

If you are unable to access on-line bookings please contact Mrs Cecilia Pedersen on 846 2044 extension 8131 and ask her to arrange the bookings for you.  She will be available from Wednesday 26 July.