Junior School Contacts

Parents and caregivers are most welcome to contact their child’s form teacher, Dean or the Senior Leadership Team members below if they have any queries.

Contact Details

Jo Williams

Associate Principal –
Junior School

[email protected]
Phone: 815 4036

Sarah Hayes

Deputy Principal –
Junior Girls

[email protected]
Phone: 846 2044, ext 8172

Tom Murdoch

Deputy Principal –
Junior Boys

[email protected]
Phone: 846 2044, ext 8224

Haana Bovaird

Dean, Year 9 Girls

[email protected]
Phone: 846 2044, ext 8114

Kerry Baker

Dean, Year 9 Boys

[email protected]
Phone: 846 2044, ext 8116

Carissa Calvert

Dean, Year 10 Girls

[email protected]
Phone: 846 2044, ext 8119

Michael Collins

Dean, Year 10 Boys

[email protected]
Phone: 846 2044, ext 8118

Form Teachers

9DBNMs Laura Dobbin[email protected]
9DRKMrs Pam Drake[email protected]
9GMSMs Nisitha Gomes[email protected]
9GRLMs Louise Gray[email protected]
9IREMs Patricia Irvine[email protected]
9KNAMs Henrieta Kajanova[email protected]
9NHAMrs Robina Nisha[email protected]
9RPYMiss Chelsea Ripley[email protected]
9SEOMs Stella Seo[email protected]
9WDHMs Claire Woodhall[email protected]
9CGLMr Nikolas Coghill[email protected]
9DALMr Tom Dale[email protected]
9DBHMr Stephen Dibnah[email protected]
9GDEMr John Goodier[email protected]
9GIBMr Warwick Gibbs[email protected]
9JTNMs Kelly Johnston[email protected]
9MZSMr Daniel Menzies[email protected]
9PHRMr Michael Puhara[email protected]
9PRYMr Carl Perry[email protected]
9PTIMrs Cherie Petueli[email protected]
9PWLMr Toby Powell[email protected]
9TNRMr Sean Turner[email protected]
10ASHMr Michael Ashby[email protected]
10FLMMr Richie Folomu[email protected]
10KGNMr Joe Kerrigan[email protected]
10KMAMs Nesa Mahalingam[email protected]
10MRYMiss Leah Murray[email protected]
10PRGMrs Helen Prangnell[email protected]
10PSIMr Andrew Pilisi[email protected]
10RYSMr James Reynolds[email protected]
10SALMr Tony Sail[email protected]
10SCFMr Andrew Scaife[email protected]
10WLDMr Michael Walden [email protected]
10YANMs Meng Yang[email protected]
10ADSMs Jaleisa Adams[email protected]
10AHNMs Erin Aitchison[email protected]
10FRYMs Linda Frey[email protected]
10GOFMs Claudia Goff[email protected]
10GRGMs Elizabeth Grigel[email protected]
10HGHMs Carmela Hughes[email protected]
10NBIMrs Sabina Nabi[email protected]
10ROBMs Sharne Roberts[email protected]
10SLEMiss Jordan Stanley[email protected]
10WOLMs Becky Woodall[email protected]