Guidance Counsellors

Mount Albert Grammar has a “whole school” approach to pastoral care, so every student and adult who works here has a desire and a responsibility to care for each other.

Significant staff members such as a Form Teacher or sports coach may be someone your child talks to about their worries. We expect the staff and student leaders to listen, assist and refer to Counsellors in the Student Centre Guidance suite if it is beyond their level of expertise.

We are very fortunate to have five counsellors who are Members of the NZ Association of Counsellors. Students visit the Counsellors for a range of personal issues and worries. They assist in providing alternative choices and perspectives to students, staff and families. This helps them to turn new choices and perspectives into actions, which increases their sense of self-worth. Counsellors also advocate for those who are disempowered. They also offer mediation and restorative interviews and are involved in training students for these roles.

The Counsellors have strong links with outside agencies in our wider community and are able to guide students and their families to them if specialised expertise is appropriate.

Generally, students self refer by booking an appointment at the Student Centre reception, but it is also possible to approach a counsellor during the day or email them. Appointments are generally during class time, but the counsellors do try to avoid booking the same subject every time.

We offer a professional and confidential service under our Code of Ethics. Parents will be informed if serious harm to self or others is disclosed and this expectation will be discussed with your child in the first counselling session.

Tanya Montgomery
Head of Guidance
09 846 2044 ext 8181

Margaret O’Carroll
Guidance Counsellor
09 846 2044, ext 8201

Marianne Wilson
Guidance Counsellor
09 846 2044, ext 8197

Rhonda Weeks
Guidance Counsellor
09 846 2044, ext 8137

Matt Judd
Guidance Counsellor
09 846 2044, ext