Girls’ Hostel

Our community will be aware that the school purchased a property in Lloyd Avenue with a view to it becoming a boarding hostel for girl students from 2018.

The Mount Albert Grammar School Board of Trustees took possession of the property in March this year. The building needs major renovations to make it suitable for the girls and the school has been working with a design team for the past four months.

It has become clear that the school cannot meet the tight deadlines to design and refurbish the building to the desired standard in time to guarantee an opening date of late January, 2018, in time to accept girl boarders for the school year. 

Therefore, the Board has made the decision to postpone the opening of the hostel for girls until a later date. This date has yet to be decided.  We can confirm however, that the hostel will not be available for girl boarders in 2018.

The school is looking at using the property for other education purposes in the interim.

The school will keep the community updated with progress on the hostel’s development. 

Headmaster Mr Patrick Drumm (centre) with the Chairman of the Board of Trustees Mr Greg Moyle and Deputy Principal in charge of Junior Girls, Ms Jo Williams.