Senior Course Selection 2021

Online course selection

We now require parents to complete their child’s course selection online.
Course selection for 2021 is now open and should be completed by Thursday, August 13, 2020 for Year 11 & 12, Wednesday, August 19 for Year 10. You can view course information and options through SchoolPoint.

  • Year 13 students for 2021 choose 5 courses
  • Year 12 students for 2021 choose English and any other 5 courses
  • Year 11 students for 2021 choose an English course, a Mathematics course, and any other 4 courses.

Instructions for parent access:
1. Go to the School’s SchoolPoint portal page
2. Enter your Kamar username.
3. Enter your Kamar parent password.
4. From there you will be able to see course selections.

If you are having problems, click here for some helpful information.

If you would like any further information or assistance with selecting courses and the online process please contact your child’s Dean.

Click here for Deans’ names and contact details

We look forward to receiving your child’s course selection for 2021.