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Junior Prize Giving and Certificate of Achievement Ceremony - 2011

The Junior Prize Giving was held on Thursday 8 December. Congratulations to all the prize winners and to all students who have completed a successful year. Click here to download the full list of junior prize winners.

Victrix Ludorum and Victor Ludorum
Charlotte Pritchard and David Hutchinson
Excellence in Sport

Flynn Letford Alexandra Chaptynova
Junior Duxes and Best All Round Students in Year 10

Duxes Artium
Liam Ferguson and Rececca Ridgway
Excellence in the Arts

The following year 9 students were awarded a Junior Certificate of Achievement with Excellence as part of the Junior Graduation programme.

Arielle Aguilar, Isaac Ah Kuoi-Atmore, Ravid Aharon, Alicia Barrington, Bruno Batinica, Andrew Battley, Emma Bayfield, Deep Bedekar, Christian Bilby, Alexander Boyd, Alexander Boyle, Samantha Brake, Reuben Brooks, Caroline Butler, Owen Cao, Albert Carnell, Jessica Chen, Margaret-Rae Clark, Tessa Cochrane, Rene Compaan, Claudia Craies, Richelle D'mello. Aakash Dalvi, Tara Davey, Hannah Dowsett, Grace Drummond, Harry Duncan, Hazel Glasgow, Emily Goddard, Riki Guernier, Atif Hakim, Marisa Hallam, Hugo Harvey, Alexander Hunt, Adel Imran, Deven Jackson, Hamish Jelleyman, Caitlyn Jelleyman, Tyler Jerrom, Esther Ji, Zong Hao Jia, Max Johansson-Pugh, David Kim, Nicole Lawrence, Megan Laxon, Julia Lee, Angela Lei, Meg London, Lavinia Lousi, Oscar Ma, Lewis MacKinnon, Luke Manson, Joshua McCrae, Lisa McLaughlan, Isaac McNickle, Alex McShane, Emma McShane, Harry Merz, Anna Munro, Zak Naidu, Jake Naran, Oliver Owen, Dayna Patel, Frankie Patten-Elliott, Fraser Polkinghorne, Emily Pound, Jack Pringle, Chelsea Rees, Anya Seth, Michael Soffe, Alexandra Spencer, Tiffany Sutton, Tiana Teta, Shanika Tuinder, Rebekah Van Dort, Morgan Wadley, Finn Welsford-Ackroyd, Hanna Willis, Jonathan Winter, Jade Xiao, Zinzan Zhao.

Year 9 Certificate of Achievement Ceremony

On Friday 2nd of December at 2.10pm the Certificate of Achievement Ceremony was held in the F.W. Gamble Hall. At this ceremony the Year 9 students were recognised and those students that completed the Year 9 programme will receive their certificates in one of the four categories:

Junior Certificate of Achievement with excellence
Junior Certificate of Achievement with merit
Junior Certificate of Achievement
Junior Certificate of Achievement with support

Junior School Graduation Diploma with Excellence certificates were presented at the Junior Prizegiving on Thursday 8th December, 2011.

Sally Ainley Memorial

Albertian Sally Ainley died on Saturday 13 February 2010 after battling cancer for nearly three years. She and sisters Emma and Alison were triplets and attended Mount Albert Grammar School 2004-2007.

During the last week of Term 4, 2011, a special garden was dedicated to Sally's memory. The plaque was unveiled by Sally's mother and her surviving sisters. A plant was added to the garden by her form teacher Allie Wright and her young son.

Click here to download the programme of the service.

When Sally passed away, Facebook tributes included one from friend Jasmine Todd. "You are the kind of friend that would change someone's life by just being part of it. You are beautiful inside and out. I'll never forget our walks home and how you would make me laugh and not stop. You are wonderful Sally."

Debbie Hopper said she was a determined and inspirational young woman. "Your desire to achieve in the face of adversity was a beacon of hope, dispelling the darkest of shadows."

Jade Bradley said Ms Ainley was an amazing, passionate person who touched a lot of people. "You had an awesome zest for life."

Charlotte Tait said she would "live on forever through people's hearts and the changes you made in people by just knowing them".

Alice Michael described Ms Ainley as "such a light in our lives and such an inspiration ... Keep smiling brightly from heaven and I will see you again."

Staff with 25 Years Service

The MAGS Foundation honoured staff with at least 25 years service to the at a special assembly on Monday 5 December. Nine current and previous staff were able to attend.
Click here to download the full programme with images and information about the 33 long-serving staff.

Attendees from left: Paul Gardner, Brian Murphy, Warwick Gibbs, Greg Cave,
Elise Goddard, Kel White, Gerald Wareing, Evan Gray, Brian King

Jared Fogle Visits - Monday 14th November

Jared Fogle was only in New Zealand for three days and we were fortunate to be the one school on his itinerary.

In his speech to junior students, he informed the students how his life changed on his eighth birthday. He had always wanted and received a Nintendo that he played endlessly. He therefore went from a very active boy who ran, rode his bike and played sport to someone who played his computer game non stop. Over the next few years Jared put on an inordinate amount of weight where he weighed 200kgs at his heaviest. As he said to the audience, at one stage he was drinking 14 cans of soft drink a day.

Jared then made a conscious choice to change his life by eating more healthy food (including subways) and exercising. Jared now weighs 90kg. Jared has since married, run a marathon and just recently became a father.

Mount Albert Grammar School was very fortunate to have such an inspiring speaker whose message focused on having goals and striving to achieve them through hard work.

Senior Prize Giving 2011

Duxes Nikhil Magan and Lucy Harrison

Congratulations to all students who were awarded prizes at the Senior Prize Giving on Thursday 8 November. This year, the top scholar award of dux goes to Nikhil Magan and Lucy Harrison.

Proxime accessit winners David Miller and Molly Swanson were named as this year's CP Liddell Scholars. The significant financial award goes to the two students who are not only top academics, but also all-rounders in the same mold as Chris Liddell himself.

Jayden Metcalfe and Molly Swanson were named the best all-round students of 2011 and Lucy Harrison was awarded the Woolf Fisher Memorial Scholarship.

Click here for the full prize list.

Head Prefects Jayden Metcalfe and Rachel Head with their parents at the Senior Prize Giving

Leilani-Grace Richardson & Emil Pittman
Best All Round Pacific Island Students

Sophie Emson & Celia Brownlee
Girls' Foundation Cup for Service to the School

Rachel Head & Matthew Denton - Neville Watson
Memorial Award for students who best typify
the spirit of Mount Albert Grammar School

Molly Swanson - Best All Round Girl - Year 13
Girls' Proxime Accessit

Leavers' Dinner - 2011

Leavers Dinner - 2011

Later that evening, 300 Lions of 2011, the year 13 students of 2011, were farewelled at the Leavers' Dinner.

Guest speaker Alexandra Aimer Seton
with Deputy Principal TeAroha Keenan

Year 13 boys with Academic Dean Warwick Gibbs

13ADM ( Print version)

13ALH ( Print version)

13HOS ( Print version)

13HRE ( Print version)

13KMR ( Print version)

13MLG ( Print version)

13MNU ( Print version)

13NHA( Print version)

13NRG ( Print version)

13PLG ( Print version)

13RBT ( Print version)

13RES ( Print version)

13SMD ( Print version)

13SNG ( Print version)

SPUNA ( Print version)

Premier Advanced Debating - 2011 Champions

ack to Featured in 2011 ]

Rebecca Barnett, Lucy Harrison and Luke Wilson won the Premier Advanced grade on Tuesday night, in Auckland Grammar School's Centennial Theatre, affirming the moot, "This house would allow prisoners to bring up their children in prison", with Auckland Grammar negating.

Family, friends, staff and supporters were treated to a high quality debate, which was unanimously awarded to MAGS. The audience made the evening special, adding atmosphere and colour. This was a large audience for debating and the Auckland Schools Debating officials were very impressed.

This completes a superb year of debating for this team. In March they won The Russell McVeagh Regional Competition. Lucy Harrison again represented Auckland and is a reserve for the New Zealand Secondary School Team. They were narrowly beaten in the semi final of the Impromptu Cup, by the eventual winner, Auckland Grammar School. This is the first year MAGS have had a team in Premiers and to win it and Russell McVeagh is an outstanding result.

At the prize giving that followed the final, Katie Anne Budgen was the Best Speaker in the Western zone in the Junior Open grade. Lucy Harrison was fourth equal in the Premier Advanced grade.

Notice to Senior Students - Term 3 Examinations

Dear Senior Students

Please remember that the examinations commence on Wednesday 7th September and you return to school on Monday 19 September. When you come into school for either examinations or tutorials, you are to wear correct school uniform at all times.

To ensure that the community is not disrupted by students on study leave, please note:

  • No students are to go to Rocket Park nor Westfield St Lukes during the examination period.
  • Once the morning examination has been completed, students are to go home to study. Both Rocket Park and Westfield St Lukes are out of bounds.
  • When coming to school for the afternoon examination, students are not to go through Rocket Park nor Westfield St Lukes.

All the best for these examinations.


P McKinley
Associate Principal

Inter-School Academic Competition Success

Social Science Quiz Events

On Wednesday 17 August, the school participated in the AGTA Senior Geography Quiz . Usually the competitors are year 13 students but with our year 13 students in Rotorua this week ours was the only team of year 12 students: Vosawale Lesuma, Charlotte Unusa, Jack Caldwell, Toby Ross

There were a record 30 schools entering this year. We did amazingly well to top the points board at the end of the preliminary rounds and gain a place in the final four, the first time MAGS has ever achieved this. In the nerve-wracking on the stage in front of everyone, on the buzzer final rounds unfortunately our disadvantage on the year 13 curriculum based questions took its toll. The team finished a gallant and highly commendable 4th.

The MAGS Year 11 History Team 1 of Robert Gore, Tobias Campbell, Daniel Begovich came second in the Year 11 History Quiz with 80 points to Rangitoto College 1's 82 points. Well done. MAGS Year 11 History Team 2: Krishna Balachandran, Oliver Cato, Alex MacKinnon came 9th. A great effort by both teams.

Casio Mathex Competition

Eight year 10 students (two teams) competed very well on Wednesday 17 August in the Mathex competition. They were up against 70 other Auckland schools and our top team won third place in the competition with a score of 90%. The other team scored a very good 80% to be placed fifth.

Student Against Driving Drunk

The SADD week this year was very successful. The MAGS SADD committee students were driven to promote a hard-hitting message to the school about the effect of drunk driving over the course of the week.


On Monday there was a realistic car crash in the D-block quad, followed by the placement of a coffin at the scene of the crash on Tuesday. There were several presentations at assemblies through-out the week.

It all ended with 'dead day' where students who were affected by the crashed dressed in black for the day to symbolise the loss of life.


MAGS Abroad

Senior Cricket Team in Europe

The senior cricket team is currently on their second European Tour. First three blog entries.

World Challenge Expedition

The first World Challenge expedition from MAGS is on a 28-day educational experience in Vietnam and Cambodia. More...First six blog entries

The School's Response to the Metro Article - July 2011

July 2011

Dear Parents

The July Metro magazine published an article and a series of tables about NCEA results. Metro magazine strongly advised parents to contact the school because the Alternative Education students on our roll, to quote Metro, "artificially lowers our results" with regard to the University Entrance table. I would like to take this opportunity to provide you with a further explanation of these results and how they relate to Mount Albert Grammar School because, on the surface, it would appear that our academic performance is below average. My explanation will reveal that, in fact, this is not true.

"NCEA Year 11 High Achievers - The average proportion of students in Year 11 who gained a merit or excellence endorsement in Level 1".
Their table was ranked using an average score based on the school's performance between 2007-2010. Our score of .84 showed that, for the years 2007-2010, on average, we had fewer students gaining an endorsed certificate than the average for decile 7/8 schools.

While I agree with this figure which we, in fact, supplied to Metro, it does not reflect our progress, nor does it take into account the fact that in 2007 and 2008 we were a decile 5 school.

The average of Mount Albert Grammar School students that achieved merit plus between 2007-2010 is 30.83%. This is below the decile 7 average of 33.53%. However, in the last two years we have been above the average: 2009 (33.60%) and 2010 (42%).

Our 42% in 2010 ranks us 22nd out of 82 schools in Auckland across all deciles. In my opinion, this is excellent progress and we expect this to continue.

University Entrance Table
This table, as published by Metro, provides a rank list based on University Entrance of all those students on the Year 13 roll, including those not entered in University Entrances courses. They do point out that Mount Albert Grammar School has an "artificially low score" because of the Alternative Education students on our roll. Metro strongly advises that readers contact the school.
They gave us a score of 43%. However, our University Entrance average, not including the Alternative Education students, for the period 2007-2010 is 66.8%. The decile 7 average over the same time period is 65.65%.

Scholarship Results Table
We are ranked 10th in Auckland, the highest-ranking decile 7 state school.

Overall, the article has much to commend it, but like any statistical analysis, it needs further explanation - a point that they make themselves.

You will note that the analysis is roll based, i.e., the number of students on the school roll, rather than participation based (those entered in NCEA). This approach has its weaknesses, as it includes students not even entered for NCEA. Also, you will note that a very small number of schools are not included in the analysis even though, in two cases, 79% and 86% of their students are entered in NCEA and a small minority are involved in another qualification system. It is up to local communities to find out how the majority of their schools fared because Metro chose not to publish these details.

Mount Albert Grammar School is an excellent academic school. Our pass rates have continued to rise since 2006. At Level 1, they have increased 31%, at Level 2, 18% and Level 3, 15%. These pass rates are well above decile 7 and National averages.

In 2009, our Level 1 results were the best of any decile 7 state school in Auckland and the third best decile 7 state school overall.

At the end of last year, the school received an outstanding report from the Education Review Office. They described the school as "a high-performing academic school" which "achieved results that were better than National averages and better than averages for other decile 7 schools". They also noted that "students at Level 3 NCEA achieve high and increasing numbers of Scholarships".

Yours faithfully

D M Burden

Cricket Tour Blog

This is the last email before we take off to join you once again. It really seems like forever that we have been away.
Last Thursday, we left London early and travelled by bus to Dover arriving at 9am after a two-hour trip. It was really exciting seeing the white cliffs for the first time. We boarded the ferry for Calais (France). The trip was uneventful, apart from the flat sea. Arriving in Calais, we were met by our coach for the rest of the tour. We travelled for two hours into Belgium to reach the town of Tournai. This town is so old - it has a catherdal in the centre from the 16th century and the roads are stone blocks and the peolple speak French. This now is the biggest challenge, as the boys cope with the language barrier - but the are getting better at it as the days go by. We have tried a different resturant each night and have had some wonderful meals. We have played another three matches against the Belgium U19 side and a selection side and won them all. There have been excellent performances by all the boys in these matches.

On Sunday, we went to the battle sites and the war graves of the First World War that the kiwis fought in. We had a kiwi guide for the day . He started us off at the battle of Messine and, at the end of the day, ended up at Passendale and the war grave cemetery at Pyne Cot. This has 11000 graves stones including kiwis who died in these battles. It was really a exciting but sobering day, as we walked the fields and places where these battles took place and so many men died.

We went on the the town of Mennin where we were guests of the town to lay a wreath at the Mennin Gate at the last post ceremony at 8pm. We were dressed in our blazers and ties for the occasion. Jayden Metcalfe, representing the school, Nic Parish (great uncle died in this war) and Mr Leonard, representing the staff, laid the wreath on behalf of the school. Then Haamiora performed the haka which was truly an amazing experience. The amount of people (and there were about 400) who spoke to us afterwards and wanted to know about us was overwhelming.

We now travel to Holland for the last leg of the tour - playing two matches and having a look around before we leave on Friday.

The boys and staff are tired and travel weary, but have had so much fun and great times over the past few weeks.

Friday 15 July

We next travelled from Ipswich to Suffock County and stayed at Langley School. This is a private mixed school set in huge grounds and is dominated by a large mansion that has been set up as the boarding facility.

Then, on Monday, we played a 40 over match at Ipswich Cricket Club which we won. This is a beautiful ground that a farmer has donated to the club and was fitted out with all you would expect from a English cricket club.

On Tuesday, we travelled back to Wymondham School and beat them in a 40 over match. Luke Colloff took seven wickets and Jayden Metcalfe made 75 runs.

At Wymondtham College in Norwich

That night, we stayed over night at a little English pub with individual rooms that served an English breakfast to the boys. The locals were fascinated with the boys and were really hospitable. We left this place and went back to Langley School and beat them in a 40 over match. Vaidik Raj scored 100 and Haami Clarke made a 50.

After the match, we made our way towards London and stayed overnight in Surrey. Thursday saw us play in a 20/20 tournament with two other schools and one club side. We won all three games with outstanding performances from all boys - some figures from the day are: Luke Delfos 32, Jonno Sinclair 40, Jayden Metcalfe 46, Haami Clarke 38no, Nic Parish 40no, Jack Cassidy 25. In bowling, Cam Michie 5 wickets in game 1, Brett Randell 4 wickets in game 3.

On Friday we play Purley Cricket Club - for a 40 over match on another fantastic ground. This is our final match in England before we hit the sights and leave for Europe. The boys have really got into the touring mode, are past the jet lag and really enjoying the travel. They are tired, but a winning team is a happy team and they have all made outstanding contributions to the winning of the matches. The weather has been really pleasant and warm, allowing us to play good cricket.

Wednesday 13 July

We have arrived safe and tired. Long flight - 25 hours and then two hours by coach to Ipswich where we are staying at the Novotel Hotel. This is first-rate accommodation and we had a chance to recover. We were hosted by St Joseph's College on Saturday and Sunday for meals etc and trained on Saturday afternoon, then played the St Joseph's College in a 20/20 on Sunday afternoon. MAGS made 121 for 6 - Vaidik Raj made 23, Tristan Newhook made 27 and Brett Randell 27, Haami 3 catches. The boys fielded well to restrict them to 116, so a great win to start. We are playing a full one-day match today against St Joseph's, as well then travelling north to Norfolk for a few day before going back to London.

The boys are in good health - been shopping and getting into the swing of touring. Weather is perfect - cloudless and a warm 20+ degrees.

Mr Belson's World Challenge Blog

Monday 1 August

These last few days have been very rewarding. Spending time working at the orphanage has been great for our students and the orphans. We have been building a brick wall, teaching, preparing food and playing with the kids. The day we had to move the 2500 bricks and one ton of cement by hand 400m across the rice fields because the truck couldn't get up the road, was hard work!! (We had bought those bricks too!)

We have also provided some cooking utensils, balls, hoops and games along with the pencils and ballons, which were kindly donated to us in NZ.

Everyone is feeling humbled by the orphans' happiness and kindness, since they are content with the simple things and we realise we have so much that is so unnecessary. We are helping and making a small difference to their lives. (www.cosocambodia.org is the web site where we are).

One day left with the children and then a visit to Angkor Wat before the journey home.

Friday 29 July

After our rest in Hoi An, and lots of shopping, we boarded the overnight train back to Ho Chi Minh. Although 17 hrs seemed a long time, it passed quickly as we were much better prepared for the journey than the last time, plus it was an express train not a local one!

Arrived back early afternoon, last minute shopping, a meal then sleep before an early bus to Phnom Penh. This took us about 6 hrs, including a stop at the boarder for checks, visas etc.

It was raining in Phnom Penh when we arrived, quite tired but had booked ahead for a backpackers, so went straight there. Cambodia seems slightly better off, although there are still the poor areas and street sellers. They are a happy, friendly people who are always keen to help. Thursday morning was a visit to the Killing Fields and S-21. It was a fascinating place, very solemn and respectful of the atrocities that were carried out there. The students were quite moved by the weapons used, methods of killing and the display of bones and clothes retrieved from the mass graves. The pictures in S-21 also reinforced the horror of the genocide.

Following this we boarded another bus to Siem Reap, another long and tiring journey along a not-so sealed road. The electric storm added to the atmosphere by lighting up everything around! We start our project tomorrow in the orphanage. At the moment, we think we are teaching English, building and cooking lunch. More to follow...

We have five days at the orphanage, a visit to Angkor Wat, then return to Phnom Penh then home. Where has the time gone?

Sunday 24 July

We left Nha Trang on Thursday night on the sleeper train. It left an hour-and-a-half late and arrived fours hrs late! So, 14hrs on a train with not too much room really tested our resilience. Can't wait for the 15 hours back to Ho Chi Minh on Monday.

The town of Hoi An is renowned for its tailors and shops - great for the girls but the boys are sticking ridgily to the markets and buying nothing over $3. The girls are off having tailor-made dresses/shoes. This is definitely our r'n'r phase! The beach here is also great, but temperatures in the high 30s mean we tend to go down in the late afternoon, just like the locals.

Plenty of variety in terms of food and everyone is still keen to try new things, although it is starting to become more of the same - rice, noodles, pork, eggs, bread.

One more day here before leaving for HCMC, then onto Cambodia.

Thursday 21 July

Good afternoon everyone from an incredibly hot Nha Trang,

The weather out here is almost unbearably hot (30+ at 9.00am) - we are currently at the coastal town of Nha Trang for a day before leaving tonight on the sleeper train to Hoi An, further up the coast, for a few days r'n'r.

The last week has been a jungle adventure - starting in Dalat and heading south to start at a very small town called Chicken Village. I don't know why it is named this way but it does have a huge concrete chicken at the entrance! Anyway, we climbed high up into the forest for our first camp and first taste of real jungle at night (a lot cooler and less humid), but very noisy animals/insects! The next day was a trek down another valley to a lakeside camp, where we met a group of English students doing a similar thing. The kids had a great night swopping stories around a camp fire.

We moved on up and over a small hill before moving to a final campsite halfway up Lang Bien Mountain. From here, it was a one-and-a-half-hour trek to the top, which was seen as a good group accomplishment, as it it the highest mountain in the central highlands and possibly second highest in Vietnam.

The team then took a three-hour bus ride from Dalat over to Nha Trang, where we are now. Have spent the day swimming in the sea - the boys found a small "water park" on the beach - cost $2 for the day! Needless to say, it has proved a popular choice with the team.

So, sleeper train tonight to Hoi An for the next couple of days and then back to Ho Chi Minh to catch a bus to Cambodia.

Saturday 16 July

After a an interesting time in Ho Chi Minh we left for Buon Ma Thuot, an eight-hour bus journey on a rather poor road which took us north. We arrived around 10pm and found some accommodation for a $1.50, which was obviously not five star! After a night there, we moved onto a national park for some trekking, which was incredibly hot and humid. There was some interesting food, which everyone ate since there was no choice - even ants!

After a couple of days sweating our way through the bush, we went to an elephant sanctuary, had a ride, lunch and then moved onto Dalat. It is a lot cooler here and we have a day to prepare for our next big trek up in the central highlands.

All the students are embracing the food and culture of this place and are all getting on well. There are no illnesses so far, so all is good with the team.

Hope you are enjoying the NZ winter as we suffer the heat and humidity here!

Wednesday 13 July

After a fairly uneventful flight we arrived in Bangkok, spent the night in a local hostel then caught a connecting flight to Ho Chi Minh Monday morning. Left the airport to a complete culture shock! We took a bus to the backpackers' district surrounded by scooters - scooters everywhere and they never stop!

Spent Monday be accosted by street sellers with fake glasses, watches, etc - even fake North Face gear! I don't think there is any legitimate goods here! Had a good lunch then went to the War Remnants Museum, which was pretty harrowing, but interesting none the less. Ate a local meal last night - $38 for 19 people, drinks included - can't say fairer than that although i might well be over rice by the time i get back.

Today, Tuesady, we move on north to a small town from where we are starting our first jungle trek tomorrow. Sounds simple but the transport system is a bit dodgy. The students are onto it and planning the accommodation for when we arrive, i hope, and have sorted the food.

Kids have been great and are really onto it, but having their eyes opened to a completely different way of life.

Will be out of contact for a while as there's no bush internet...

World Challenge Expedition to Vietnam and Cambodia 2011

This weekend saw the first World Challenge expedition from MAGS depart on a 28-day educational experience in Vietnam and Cambodia. The programme offers a perfect blend of adventure, history and cultural experience. It will also teach life skills, stretch comfort zones and expand minds outside the classroom. The four-week itinerary fosters team and leadership skills and are the culmination of 18 months preparation, planning, fundraising and training.

Click here for a three-page pdf of the full itinerary.

"Our expeditions to overseas destinations are typically demanding 4-week journeys through countries of breathtaking natural beauty. The challenge begins long before the journey starts, with a 10-20 month programme of training, fundraising and research that provides the maximum educational impact and teaches students a great deal about responsibility and planning." (World Challenge)

Whilst there, MAGS students will arrive in Ho Chi Minh City, move up the country for two treks around Yok Don and later in Dalat and the Central Highlands. They move on up to Hoi An then catch the train back to Ho Chi Minh and move to Phnom Penh. After a quick sightseeing trip in Hoi An, the team will go via sleeper train back to HCMC before moving onto to Siem Reap to participate in their community project, which is working at an orphanage for a week. Here the students will be doing both hard and soft skills ie building, painting, teaching, playing games with the children. Then a visit to the Temples of Angkor will complete the student-led trip before returning home.

Whilst in the country, students will be responsible for all aspects of the trip such as accommodation, food, transport and the budget. This is a unique opportunity for them to take leadership roles and be in control of a month-long expedition.

Students completed a training weekend in March to practise working together, testing out equipment and learning about each other and life on expedition. 

Training Weekend Photos


Year 11 Geography Competition

On Wednesday 22 June Enoch Korapatti, Zjani Heather-Grundy and Oliver Cato represented the school at the annual NZ Geographical Society Mataangi Whenua Year 11 Geography competition (Auckland region), held at St Cuthbert's College.

This year's competition saw a strong field of 13 teams compete over eight rounds for a place in the national finals. The MAGS team scored the highest mark in the "Fire and Ice" and current events rounds and finished on a score of 108, but ultimately were just beaten into second place in the final round by Auckland Grammar by three points.

An excellent team performance overall. This is the third year in a row that MAGS have finished second in this competition. 

NZ Chinese Speech Competition

On Sunday 15 May,  the NZ Chinese Speech Competition and prize-giving took place at ACG Parnell College. Four students from MAGS took part in the competition. David Tuipulotu (right) won the third prize in the secondary category. The other three students Jeon Woo Kim, Phillip Duncan and Heerashiny Balu won Merit Prizes.

Albertian William Walker also participated in the competition as an university student and won the Special Prize, which entitled him to a one-year full-cost scholarship funded by the Chinese government to study at any university in China. He was a Y13 student in MAGS last Year, won the first prize in the NZ Speech Competition, and went to China as a secondary student for the final competition.

New Gymnasium - Opening Ceremony - Thursday 5 May

The Prime Minister is greeted by Headmaster Burden

The PM with head prefects Rachel Head and Jayden Metcalfe
Melissa Lee, MP, The Rt Hon John Key, PM, Dale Burden, Headmaster, Greg Moyle, Chairman, BOT


Albertians Orinoco Fa'amausili-Banse-Prince (Olympic swimming), Donald McVeigh (Former NZ Rep - speed skating) and Director of Sport Dave Long (centre)
All Black legend, Bryan Williams, former headmaster Maurice Hall, former chairman of the BOT Peter Thorp

DP TeAroha Keenan with NZ U17 basketball
representative Morgan Roberts and her parents.

Headmaster Burden with the MP for Mount Albert David Shearer and Albertian Kerry Ashby 

   Click here to access a video on our YouTube channel of the construction of the new gymnasium.

Year 9 French Easter Egg Competition

Prizewinners from 9 GIB with their creations. More details soon

In Europe, it has long been a tradition to decorate eggs to celebrate Easter. As we were on holiday this year during Easter, Year 9 pupils hadthe opportunity to take part in an Easter Egg Decorating Competition. This took place in the last week of term. All decorating was done at home. Prizes were awarded to the most creative and successful eggs.


a) Best traditional Easter theme egg

b) Best French theme egg

c) Best French Rugby World Cup Team egg

d) Best All Black Rugby World Cup Team

Christchurch Fundraisers - March 2011

The prefects' welfare committee organised several fundraising initiatives this week to help raise money for the victims of last Tuesday's Earthquake in Christchurch. In addition to selling special red and black fundraising badges for $2, the following events took place: 
Wednesday 2 March:
A special lunchtime concert was held in the Albertian Quad. Prefects and other students entertained their peers as they collected donations.

Thursday 3 March:
Students had been busy overnight baking cakes and other yummy treats to fundraise. There were three bake sales at lunchtime.

Friday 4 March:
Students were invited to participate in a special mufti day, wearing the Canterbury colours of red and black in return for a gold coin donation.  A variety of activities in the Albertian Quad, including a "dunking machine" created a carnival atmosphere. Headmaster Burden is pictured left doing his bit for fellow Cantabrians.

The total for the money collected from the MAGS activities over the last few days is $15,047.30.

Congratulations to all on this fantastic effort.

Debating - Auckland Regional Championships - 12/13 March

Luke Wilson, Lucy Harrison and Rebecca Barnett spent the windy, wet weekend debating a variety of moots against the best teams in the Auckland Regional Championships. They won against Epsom Girls Grammar, St Cuthbert's and Kristin in the opening three rounds. They made the final eight in second position behind King's College. They won the "legalise marijuana" quarter-final against St Kentigern College and in the semi-final defeated Auckland Grammar, negating "that individuals should have to reveal their actual identity when using social networks."

This set up a MAGS/ Kings College final, debating the moot "that this house would ban all commercial whaling." MAGS won in splendid style, convincing all three judges of their affirmation of the moot.

There were thirty teams at the competition and the judges made mention of the high standard of the debates. Congratulations to Lucy, Rebecca and Luke, who along with Matthew Denton won the Advanced Open grade last year and are competing in the Advanced Premier section of the Auckland Schools Debating competition in 2011.

Scholars' Assembly - Friday 1 April 2011

Welcome back to the top scholars from 2010.

From left:
Gregory Ells , Josiah Ploeg, Matthew Milner , Darius Hedayati , Prosenjit Bhowmic, Matthew Russell
David Eade,
Jack Barclay. Absent: Sam Caldwell, Sterling Ruwhiu, Sophie Templeton

The following awards were presented in recognition of academic excellence at the annual scholars' assembly on Friday 26 March. Congratulations to all of the students cited below.

Year 9, 2010,  Junior Graduation Certificate of Excellence

Zoe Bertenshaw, Aaron Booth, Madelaine Brand, Eilish Buckley, Samuel Buckman, Katie-Anne Budgen, Luke Butler, Eduard Canning, Alexandra Chaptynova, Jennifer Chen, Sarah Crowhurst, Alexandra Dean, Benjamin Dekker, Lydia Denby, Sanjana Dudaki, Emma Duffy, Olivia Duplan, Angela Feng, Brooke Hansen, Urma Harre, Jackson Hemi, Gina Holden, Louisa Howse, Jackson Jarvis, Abigail Johnson, Lucy Kelly, Amy Lee, Flynn Letford, Hannah Liell, Eric Liu, Harshil Magan, Gabrielle Marsh, Callum McNamara, Adam McNickle, Emily Mills, Finley Murphy, Rohith Nagulan, Charlotte Pearce, Rubee-Leigh Poata, Farhan Rahman, Sophie Ribton, Rebecca Ridgway, Laurena Roquero, Nicole Roulston, Timothy Sinclair, Raymond Subritzky, Witana Subritzky, Sameeha Sulaman, Sarah Tansey, Sydney Vari Kaitlin Vendrig, Irene Wu

Scholars' Lions Recipients

Lion badges are awarded only the first time a recipient earns it. Thereafter, the award is 're-awarded' and the recipient receives a certificate in recognition of the achievement. In the following list, students who have earned a re-award have (r) after their name.

Y11, 2010, Scholars' Lions Winners

Top in year group, based on GPA in best 100 credits in 2010Keneti Atmore, Brianna Baker, Chloe Bangs, Matthew Battley, Jack Cassidy, Aimee Cooper, Alexandra Crawford, Samuel Davis, Daniel Dillon, Shanthi Gore, Isabel Gunn, Jenny Hau, Olivia Hext, Edward Hughes, Olivia Isbey,Rachel Lund, Tabitha Mason, Lucy McMaster,Tessa McNickle, Joshua Moody, Lucy Moss-Mason,Kasey Nihil, Shi Yu Qiu, Timothy Rutledge,Kiralee Schache, Alexandra Thomas

Y12, 2010, Scholars' Lions Winners

Top in year group based on GPA in best 100 credits in 2010 :
Luke Boyle, Celia Brownlee-Whines (r), Samantha Cantle (r), Ben Chambers (r),  Philippa Cumming (r),  Matthew Denton (r), Mandy Enright (r), James Enright, Lucy Harrison (r),Daniel Hay (r), Nina Ives (r), Chas Joy, Nikhil Magan (r), Gemma Mansell, Courtney MacKinnon, Jayden Metcalfe (r), David Miller (r), Nicholas Parish (r), James Smith, Thomas Southwell (r), Amanda Swales, Molly Swanson (r), Ho Yan Tan (r), Priyanka Taunk (r), Ashan Tuinder,  Elliot Varoy (r), Luke Wilson (r)

Y13, 2009, Scholars' Lions Winners

Top in year group based on GPA in best 100 credits in 2010:
Thomas Anderson, Jack Barclay, Prosenjit Bhowmic, Sam Caldwell (r), Tamatoa Carr (r), Jiayu Chen, Ella Davis, David Eade (r), Gregory Ells, Byron Gibbons (r),  Bruno Johnston,  Mathew Milner (r), Benjamin Pegman, Josiah Ploeg, Matthew Russell (r),Sterling Ruwhiu, Eu-Lee Teh, Sophie Templeton (r), Ye (Tina) Wang,  Yi (Kevin) Xi,  Wen Jia Zhang, Qi Long (Simon) Zhou (r)

National Scholarship Winners, 2010

New Zealand Scholarship Winners - Awarded to students who achieve two or more NZ Scholarships:
Jack Barclay, Prosenjit Bhowmic, Sam Caldwell, David Eade, Gregory Ells,  Darius Hedayati, Matthew Milner,  Matthew Russell, Sophie Templeton

Y13, 2010, Students whose names are to be inscribed on the Honours Board for Scholars

Awarded to students who achieve at least three NZ Scholarships:
Sam Caldwell (5, 1 outstanding), Matthew Russell (3)

Sir Woolf Fisher Award

Jack Barclay

Biographical Details - Year 13, 2010 - Mulitiple Scholarship Winners

Jack Barclay (2006-2010)

Jack Barclay came to Mount Albert Grammar School as a Year 9 student in 2006 from Balmoral School. He was initially placed in our second-stream class but his results were so impressive that he was promoted to the top-stream in the middle of the year. He adjusted quickly to the higher demands and remained in the top stream thereafter. The following year he became part of our accelerate programme, which involved his taking NCEA Level One papers in English, science and mathematics. He won a certificate for first place in German and gained first place in the Speech Competition. This acceleration continued into Year 11, when he took Level Two media studies and mathematics and some internal Level Two papers in English. He came first in both English and media studies. In 2009 Jack took two Level Three subjects, calculus and classical studies, in which latter subject he really took flight, scoring all excellences in every standard. He also passed two Level Three German internals and came first in this subject. At the end-of-year 2010 prize-giving Jack received certificates in English and media studies as well as the Neville Watson Memorial Prize for the student who best typifies the spirit of Mount Albert Grammar School. As one of the top achievers in Year 13 he was also presented with a John Williamson Scholarship, the prestigious Woolf Fisher Award and the Victoria Achievers' Scholarship. He ranks in the top echelon of our academic students and received an ASB Scholarship for being ranked third in our year 12 cohort last year. His high GPA in NCEA meant that he received a scholar lion from the school on two occasions and he has passed all three levels of NCEA with excellence.

Outside the classroom, Jack has taken a full part in extra-curricular activities. He played rugby in the junior school, captaining his team, but in his time with us has really concentrated on squash, most recently as captain of the premier team. In the last two years he has been involved in the Adventure Racing Hillary Challenge at the Outdoor Pursuits Centre. It is in this sphere that his leadership skills have truly come to the fore since this challenge requires close teamwork and problem-solving. The same skills are evidenced in his bronze Duke of Edinburgh award. He has, in view of his contribution to sport, received two sports lions from the school. Outside the school, Jack has an abiding passion for Seido Karate, which he practises to a high level of proficiency and helps instruct.

He is a confident speaker, addressing the students in the school hall with ease. He has also spoken at the Anzac Day ceremony in Mt Albert. As a prefect, he is involved with charity fundraising organization within the school. Other interests Jack has include music, theatre sports, the Sheilah Winn Shakespeare competition and stage challenge. Last year, he, along with others, formed a Glee club. He has also been a core member of the Film Club.

He was appointed a prefect of the school at the end of last year and, after the leadership camp, Head Prefect (boys) for 2010.

At the examinations held at the end of last year, Jack won two scholarships, in English and media studies. These entitle him to an award of $1000 for one year.

Jack is currently studying for a conjoint degree in law and arts with philosophy and psychology majors at Victoria University.

Prosenjit Bhowmic (2006-2010)

Prosenjit Bhowmic came to Mount Albert Grammar School as a Year 9 student in 2006 from Balmoral School. His reports spoke of a conscientious boy who worked to the best of his ability. He made a fine start in his new school and as a result was promoted to an accelerate stream in Year 10 when he took NCEA papers in science and mathematics one year early. He came first in this form class including first in science. In Year 11 the acceleration continued in mathematics when he sat Level Two in that subject and winning a certificate. His GPA was so high that he was awarded a scholar lion. In Year 12 he took calculus scholarship and received a certificate in biology and was re-awarded a scholar lion for his fine grades. He took a university mathematics paper (153) from Auckland University in the first half of last year and was awarded a certificate in calculus at last year's prize-giving. Prosenjit has also passed all three levels of NCEA with excellence.

Outside the classroom, Prosenjit has played tennis for the school for several years and was singles and doubles champion at his club (Edendale). He has also participated in orienteering and table-tennis. This year he has also played for the Second XI hockey team and Fourth XI soccer team.

In the examinations held at the end of last year, Prosenjit won two scholarships, in calculus and statistics. These entitle him to an award of $1000 for one year.

Prosenjit is currently studying engineering at the University of Auckland.

Sam Caldwell (2008-2010)

Sam Caldwell came to Mount Albert Grammar School as a Year 11 student in 2008 from Hamilton Boys' High School. He had been in the top streams and working a year ahead in mathematics, science, economics and history at this previous school by sitting papers in NCEA Level One. He had also gained distinctions in the Australasian mathematics and English competitions. Consequently he adjusted well to a similarly competitive regime with us. In Year 11 he took five Level One subjects while being accelerated in mathematics, taking Level Two, winning a certificate in this as well as one in Year 11 Geography. He was a member of the team which came second in the Auckland Schools' Geography Quiz. In Year 12 he took Level Three calculus and last year he took accounting, economics, physics and statistics for Level Three and chemistry for Level Two (a subject he picked up after not having studied it since Year 10). Sam's results at the end of Year 12 ranked him fifth overall in the school and as a result he was awarded an ASB Bank Scholarship. In that year he was awarded first prizes in both accounting and economics and the Ian Bogue Cup for the top Year 12 commerce student. He scored a high distinction in the NZ Economics Competition (18th). For his high GPAs in Level One and Two, Sam was awarded two scholar lions. He passed all three levels of NCEA with excellence.

He scored an A in a university mathematics linear algebra paper (AU paper 153) in the first half of last year. The team he was part of made the regional finals of the Reserve Bank Monetary Policy Challenge. He has also attended the Aurora Astronomy School. Last year he sat on the Academic Council, a student body focussing on academic issues.

At the end-of-year prize-giving, Sam came first in accounting, economics and calculus and won certificates in statistics and physics. He won the Makan Cup for Commerce, the Bull Mathematics Prize and the Statistics Cup. He was also awarded a Williamson's Scholarship and the Canterbury University Emerging Leaders' Scholarship. Consequently he was the Proxime Accessit of the Boys' School.

Outside the classroom, Sam played cricket, soccer and basketball at Hamilton Boys' High School where he was in the elite sports academy for these sports. He had also won awards for the most improved colts player and most valuable colts player. Sam has played soccer to 2nd XI level, cricket for the 2nd XI and boys' premier lacrosse, for which he has won a sports lion. Last year he also participated in theatresports. This year he has added orienteering and basketball to his portfolio.

Outside of school, Sam has also pursued cricket with the Eden-Roskill club in a championship-winning team and was in the Western Districts U17 development squad. Last year he played soccer for Mount Albert-Ponsonby. He has coached cricket and soccer also. He plays club lacrosse, indoor cricket and participates in orienteering. He has also taken guitar lessons.

In the examinations held at the end of last year, Sam won five scholarships, in calculus (outstanding), statistics, physics, accounting and economics. These entitle him to an award of $5000 a year for three years. He has also received a business scholarship worth $2500 a year for two years.

Sam is currently studying for a conjoint degree in business and engineering at the University of Canterbury, where he was offered scholarships in both.

David Eade (2006-2010)

David Eade came to Mount Albert Grammar School as a Year 9 student in 2006 from Kowhai Intermediate School. He was immediately placed in our top-stream class where he came second overall. His talent was such that he was selected to be part of a small super-accelerated group to sit NCEA Level One mathematics in Year 9 (i.e. two years in advance). He also was selected to represent the school in Mathex, as he did in Year 10. In the Australian Mathematics Competition he gained a distinction award. In the Goethe Society examinations he came second in Auckland. The following year, the acceleration continued into Level Two in mathematics and he also became part of the advanced courses in English and science, which involved his sitting NCEA Level One papers a year ahead. He won a scholar lion for his high GPA in Year 10. He also came first in German and won an award of excellence in the Goethe examinations. He won a high distinction in the Asia Wise social studies competition. In Year 11 he sat Level Three calculus and won certificates in biology, English and German. Again he won a high distinction, this time in the Australian Chemistry Quiz. He again sat calculus in Year 12 when he won a scholarship in the subject. He won scholar lions in those years also. He again won high distinction in the Australian Chemistry Quiz. In 2009 he also was part of a school trip to Germany and he topped this subject at the end of the year along with Year 13 calculus and gained a certificate in English. In the last three years he has participated in the Australian Chemistry Quiz. He has passed all three levels of NCEA with excellence.

At the end-of-year prize-giving, David came first in English, German, chemistry and statistics, winning the Harvey Senior English Prize, the Shaw Senior Prize in Chemistry and the Coldham Senior Language Prize. With a GPA of 100% he was Dux of the School. He was also awarded the prestigious Chris Liddell tertiary scholarship.

David is a keen sportsman and has played cricket every year for the school, organizing and leading his team with enthusiasm. This year, after playing for a club for four years, he played soccer for the school and was also involved in orienteering.

David is an extremely gifted and academic young man, and it was in recognition of these skills that he was appointed to be the Academic Prefect and in this position he co-chaired the Academic Council. He has also trained in peer support and helped juniors with their orientation in the school at the beginning of the year.

In the examinations held at the end of last year, David won two outstanding scholarships, in calculus and statistics, and was one mark away from two further scholarships. These entitle him to an award of $1000 for one year.

David is currently studying health science in preparation for a medical degree at the University of Auckland.

Gregory Ells (2006-2010)

Gregory Ells came to Mount Albert Grammar School as a Year 9 student in 2006 from Remuera Intermediate School. His reports spoke of a young man with considerable ability in mathematical problem-solving. He was placed in an upper-stream class where he made a sound start, progressing to Year 10 where he took NCEA Level One mathematics and science papers one year early. In Year 11 the acceleration continued with his sitting Level Two mathematics and in Year 12 when he sat Level Three calculus. His GPA for that year entitled him to the award of a scholar lion. Last year he sat calculus, chemistry, physics and statistics for Level Three and he also took a University of Auckland mathematics paper (153), which he also passed. At the end of the year he gained certificates in calculus and physics. Gregory has passed NCEA Level One with merit and Levels Two and Three with excellence.

Outside the classroom, Gregory has played soccer for the school over three years, most recently as captain of the Third XI. Outside of school he also plays soccer, indoor soccer and cricket for his clubs and participates in swimming.

In the examinations held at the end of last year, Gregory won two scholarships, in physics and statistics. These entitle him to an award of $1000 for one year.

Gregory is currently studying engineering via the accelerated pathway at the University of Auckland.

Darius Hedayati (2006-2010)

Darius Hedayati came to Mount Albert Grammar School in 2006 from Avondale Intermediate School. He was placed in a mid-stream class where he made good progress. At the end-of-year prizegiving he received the award for second in class and also certificates for French and Social Studies. The following year he was promoted to a higher class where he continued to do well. In the senior school Darius has received a number of prizes. He won the Year 11 history prize in 2008, gained prizes for history and geography in 2009 as well as a certificate for economics, and last year won the Year 13 history prize and was first in geography. Darius passed the first two levels of NCEA with merit and the third with excellence.

Darius was a member of the school orchestra in 2006. He has represented the school in regional geography and history quizzes and this year played soccer socially for the school. He was also a member of the school orienteering team.

In the examinations held at the end of last year Darius won two scholarships, in history and geography. These entitle him to an award of $1000 for one year.

Darius is currently studying for a conjoint degree in law and art, majoring in history.

Matthew Milner (2006-2010)

Matthew Milner came to Mount Albert Grammar School as a Year 9 student in 2006 from Balmoral Intermediate School. His reports at the time spoke of a self-aware young man involved in sporting, cultural and leadership roles, with a strong commitment to his studies. Consequently Matthew was placed in our top-stream class where he had risen to third place by the end of the year. He was first in mathematics, receiving the JG Millar Memorial Mathematics Scholarship, and was one of a few students to sit NCEA Level One in this subject two years earlier than usual. He also represented the school in Mathex. In Year 10 he was accelerated into Level Two mathematics as well as working a year ahead in science and English. He topped his class, winning the Junior Dux prize, coming first also in English, science and mathematics. He was also awarded the Des Cole Cup for Excellence in English and the HL Towers Prize for mathematics. He came second in the Auckland-wide Goethe Society Examinations in German. In Year 11 he was working not only on Level Three calculus but also scholarship in this subject and he pulled off the extraordinary feat of winning a scholarship. He also worked a year ahead in history, studying at Level Two while still in Year 11. In addition he received a certificate for Year 13 calculus. Matthew's acceleration in mathematics brought brilliant rewards in Year 12: he won an outstanding scholarship in calculus and completed a Stage One linear algebra paper at Auckland University, gaining an A+ pass. He won the Calculus Cup and won first places in Level Two classical studies, chemistry and English and Level Three calculus. As our top-ranked Year 12 scholar, Matthew was awarded an ASB Bank Scholarship. He was also presented with the Hanson Cup for Senior Progress and Endeavour. Because of his outstanding GPAs in Years 10, 11 and 12, Matthew was awarded three scholar lions. He has also passed all three levels of NCEA with excellence.

At the end-of-year prize-giving Matthew won the Calculus Cup, came first in chemistry and won certificates in calculus, classical studies and English. He was also presented with the prestigious University of Auckland Scholarship and a Williamson's scholarship.

Outside the classroom, Matthew has been very heavily involved in a very diverse number of sporting activities. His athletic prowess is particularly evident in orienteering where he is the captain. In 2009 he came second in the intermediate division of the Auckland School Sprint Series and in 2010 came first in the senior division. Consequently he has represented Auckland A over the past two years. In 2009 he came first in Auckland in the Orienteering Relay and second in Auckland for the individual Orienteering Championships. In the North Island relay he came third in 2009 and in the nationals last year, third. Also last year he came second in the Auckland Orienteering Relay Championships and fourth in the National Orienteering Sprints Championships. He has represented the school in the AKSS Road Race over the last two years and was also part of our distance squad. In 2009 he came third in the intermediate rogaine championships and in 2010 first in the senior. He was also a member of our school's Adventure Racing Team, which competed in the Hillary Challenge in 2009 and 2010. He has completed the bronze and silver Duke of Edinburgh awards and is on his way to completing the gold.
For two years he has been a member of the premier cycling team. He has also played soccer up to 2nd XI and cricket to 3rd XI level as well as indoor cricket socially. Last year he played hockey for the 2nd XI and he has played table-tennis for two years including in the A reserve grade.
In recognition of his profound contribution to this area of the school, Matthew has been awarded two sports lions in orienteering and cycling.

Outside the school, Matthew has played soccer for Three Kings United for nine years, being captain for six of those years, and was runner-up in the intermediate championship at Winstone Park Tennis.

Another very important school activity that Matthew has been involved in is robotics. In 2009 our senior team came second in the VEX Robotics National Championships and last year came first. This qualified us to travel to the World VEX Championships in Dallas, Texas, and Matthew was chosen to travel as one of three members of that team.

In the arts/cultural area, Matthew participated in the 2010 Stage Challenge as well as being a member of the Glee Club and the Film Club.

His service to the school and community has been impressive. As a prefect, he served on the Ball Committee and was the master of ceremonies for the Scholars Assembly, a duty he fulfilled with confidence As the Academic Prefect, he co-chaired the Academic Council, a deliberative body discussing education in the school and he made an impressive presentation about its duties to the Board of Trustees. Other duties include guiding parents around the school on report nights and open days.

In the community he has been a tremendous asset to his former school, Balmoral. He has helped coach soccer teams there for the last three years and he co-authored their school library blog, updating children's literature novels. He has also given his time to environmental days on Motutapu Island.

In the examinations at the end of last year, Matthew won two scholarships, in chemistry and calculus. These entitle him to an award of $1000 for one year.

Matthew is currently studying an engineering and arts conjoint degree at the University of Auckland.

Matthew Russell (2006-2010)

Matthew Russell came to Mount Albert Grammar School as a Year 9 student in 2006 from Balmoral School. His reports spoke of a young man who showed commitment in all areas to achieve his potential. He was placed in our top-stream class, where he made an outstanding start. He came first overall at the end of the year, winning the David Atkinson Memorial Cup for Year 9 English for first place in this subject and he also topped French, German, science, social studies and technology. He was one of a small group which was selected to sit NCEA Level One mathematics two years early. He won an Asiawise Social Studies high distinction award. The following year Matthew became part of our full acceleration course, entailing sitting NCEA Level Two papers in mathematics and Level One in science and English one year early. His GPA was so high that he was awarded a scholar lion. He came second overall in class with first places in French, German and science. He was selected as a member of the Mathex Team and was also awarded the Ah Kuoi Cup for the best all-round student in Year 10. In Year 11 Matthew sat Year 13 calculus alongside his Level One course. He won first place in both German and French and the Raine Cup (French) and the Austen Cup (German). Again he won a scholar lion. In Year 12, he sat calculus scholarship together with his Level Two course. His GPA placed him fourth overall in his cohort and he was awarded an ASB Bank Scholarship. He again came first in German and also first in chemistry, and won certificates in physics and Year 13 calculus as well as a third scholar lion. In the first half of last year he joined the University of Auckland MAX programme and sat Maths 153, gaining an A+ pass. At the end-of-year prize-giving Matthew won awards for first in German and statistics and a certificate in chemistry. He was also presented with the prestigious University of Auckland Scholarship and a Williamson's scholarship. Matthew has passed all three levels of NCEA with excellence.

Outside the classroom, Matthew has been involved in a wide variety of activities, ranging from artistic and cultural to sporting. In swimming he began as a junior in our waterpolo team, representing us at the North Island Championships in Year 10. He has participated in the Aquathon for the last four years and has regularly been selected for Central Zone and Champion of Champion swimming events.
In cycling, Matthew has equally made his mark. In the last two years he has been a member of our premier cycling team, this year as captain, when he was selected for the NZSS Individual Cycling Championships.
His running career began in Year 11 with the orienteering summer series and in Year 12 progressed to the Auckland inter-provincial team. He participated in the orienteering sprint series and the Auckland individual orienteering championships over the last two years and in the Auckland relay championships where he came first in 2009 and second last year along with third in the NZSS championships. In 2009 he came second in the school cross-country race and was selected for the NZSS Athletics championships. Last year he was first in the senior cross-country and 3000m events and took part in the Auckland Regional Cross-Country Championships. In the rogaine championships he has come first in the last two years.
With his obvious prowess in running, swimming and cycling, it was only natural for Matthew to find duathlon and triathlon to his taste. He has been involved in triathlon since Year 10, competing at NZ level in both since Year 12. In Year 10, Matthew won the Duke of Edinburgh bronze award and currently has almost completed the criteria for the silver.

In 2009 he won a sports lion for his huge contribution to the sporting life of the school. Last year he also took up soccer and played for a senior school team.

In the area of music, Matthew came to us as a fine violinist. He has played in the school orchestra since, including two trips to Sydney to play in the opera house and participation in the KBB Music Competition this year. He has also taken flute and piano lessons. In the cultural area, aside from music, Matthew travelled to Germany in 2009 with a school party and stayed with a German family to deepen his appreciation of German language and culture.

In Year 11 he participated in the Science NZ First Robotics competition, an event in which our school has a proud record. He enters other external competitions with relish (Australian Mathematics and Science, Chemistry Quiz, Goethe Society), and gains high distinctions regularly and a second place in Auckland for German. He has also given his time voluntarily to coach younger students in mathematics. In recognition of his all-round academic and sporting excellence, Matthew was appointed to be a prefect of the school for 2010, with special responsibility as sports prefect.

In the examinations held at the end of last year, Matthew won three scholarships, in calculus, statistics and physics. These entitle him to an award of $2000 per year for three years.

Currently Matthew is studying for a conjoint degree in engineering and commerce at the University of Auckland.

Sophie Templeton (2006-2010)

Sophie Templeton came to Mount Albert Grammar School as a Year 9 student in 2006 from Balmoral School. She was placed in our top-stream class where she also followed an accelerate course in mathematics. The following year the acceleration continued in three subjects (English, mathematics and science) and she sat NCEA Level One papers in all of them. She also won a certificate in science. In Year 11, she sat NCEA Level Two mathematics, coming first equal at this advanced level and also winning a certificate in art. In Year 12 she took Level Three calculus and enjoyed further success in other subjects with first place in chemistry and certificates in English and physics. Last year she sat calculus, chemistry, English, physics and statistics for Level Three and four of these for scholarship. In the last two years Sophie has been awarded scholar lions for her high GPA in Years 11 and 12. At the end-of-year prize-giving Sophie won first prizes in chemistry, physics and statistics and a certificate in calculus, thus making her the Proxime Accessit of the girls' school. She has also passed all three levels of NCEA with excellence.

Outside the classroom, Sophie has played cricket for the First XI from her arrival in Year 9 until Year 11, winning a sports lion for this discipline. Her other sporting interests include netball, soccer and badminton. She has had an abiding interest in piano and ballet and took percussion lessons in the junior school. Her other arts interests include being a member of the Stage Challenge crew and the Glee Club last year.

Her contribution to others can be seen in her membership of Interact, a group which raises funds for worthy causes and her organization skills are in demand here. She has also trained as a peer mediator and in peer support, helping juniors with their orientation in the school.

In the last two years she has been a member of the Academic Council, a student body which she co-chaired last year. In consideration of her contribution to school life, Sophie was appointed a prefect of the school for 2010.

In the examinations held at the end of last year, Sophie won two scholarships, in calculus and statistics. These entitle her to an award of $1000 for one year.

Sophie is currently studying engineering at the University of Canterbury.

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