Hotel Europa a hit for hosts and guests

The Year 13 production of Hotel Europa was a popular success, with E block filled with a cheerful, moving audience on the evenings of 5-6 April.

The production required the audience to move in groups between rooms for different scenes, then come together for a central piece and the finale.

The show combined live action, music and dance in a story that traversed countries and histories. Among the various scenes were tales of Odysseus fighting to escape Circe and go home, two newlyweds coping with post-traumatic stress in an abandoned building, a young woman seeking revenge for a war crime, and a criminal turned politician campaigning for the weak and poor.

Head of Drama Dr Lilicherie McGregor said the unusual and thought-proking show was a hit with the students and audience alike.

"The production style presented new challenges for the actors, and the atmosphere among the audience as they moved around was fun and energetic. It was a great success," said Dr McGregor.