Auckland Waitakere High Performance Squad announced: Nov 18, 2009

A high performance squad was announced today consisting of many past and present MAGS players.

Defence Shooters
Centre Court
Katerina Birkett
Tera-Maria Amani
Aleesha Coulter
Jessica Bourke
Kendra Falefitu
Kelly Griffin
Tuaine Keenan
Darrell Leota
Charlene Halapua
Katie King
Anna Mollineaux
Chonaire Huriwai
Storm Purvis
Annie Rasmussen
Jamie Johns
Latoya Roberts
Geneva Tavita
Nikki Latu
Rebecca Robinson
Lavinia Vaitohi
Kayla McAllister
Lesley Simone
Emma Winter
Jaime McCafferty
Areta Thatcher
Mei-Ling Refiti

Melanie Wooders
Portia Woodman

The squad will work prior to Christmas on fitness and conditioning and will meet again from early February to work in specialist sessions before the Lois Muir Challenge team is named in mid March.

Trials for the Under 17 & Under 15 squads will be held on 7th & 8th February 2010.