Season 2009: Hockey Reports.

Vs Pakuranga College: Wednesday 26 August

This was our last game of the Open A/B competition and for the third time this season we were playing Pakuranga College, but this time it was in the final. Both teams knew one another's play and the game was tight and physical. It was the MAGS team who scored first after nine minutes, with a field goal to Jared Panchia. Jared was heavily marked during  the game and was on the receiving end of some fairly physical body contact throughout the game, which went unnoticed or penalized by the umpires. The first half saw both teams pushing forward but each time the defence held strong.

Half time score: 1-0 MAGS

Pakuranga came out strongly in the second half and within six minutes they had converted two penalty corner goals, to lead 2-1. Although the MAGS team tried desperately to get a goal back, it was not to be and for the third time this season when these two teams have played each other the score has ended in 2-1. Pakuranga took their goal scoring opportunities, winning the Open A/B competition for 2009. Both teams travel to Whangarei to contest the Mayhill Cup Tournament next week and although the two teams are in different pools, they may well meet once again this season. Daniel Panchia, like his brother Jared, was heavily marked throughout the game, but played strongly in the centre midfield and deserved his player of the game award.

Full time score: 1 - 2 Pakuranga College
Goal scorer:
Jared Panchia

Player of the Game: Daniel Panchia

Vs St Peter's College - Wednesday 19 August

This semi final match was played at Mt Roskill Grammar School turf, which our team find quite slippery. It is a wet dressed surface, and the only one of its type we play on in Auckland.

Once again, the previous game was late finishing, which reduced our turf time to warm up. The MAGS team was slow to get started and the St Peter's team took advantage with wave after wave of attack, only saved by steady defensive work, especially by Dali Fan, left back, whom tackled superbly throughout the game.

Ten minutes into the game MAGS were awarded the first penalty corner of the match and a pass left to Daniel Panchia from the top of the circle, gave him the opportunity to slot the ball into the back of the goal and beat the goalkeeper for the first goal of the game. The St Peter's team was showing more determination and after 23 minutes, just two minutes before half time, they were able to convert a penalty corner goal, which had the defense beaten, and this goal  tied the game up at the half time break.

Half time Score: 1-1

A stern talk from coaches, David Long and Arun Panchia, and captain Thomas Guy, meant the second half showed a much-improved performance, particularly in the final ten minutes of the game. MAGS were awarded two early penalty corners early in the second half and after a poor trap at the top of the circle in the first one, Scott Lunn was able to correct the mistake and meet the challenge of the uneven, wrinkled turf at the top of the circle, to cleanly trap the ball and once again Daniel Panchia was able to get his direct drive shot through the St Peter's defense to score the MAGS second goal. This seemed to spur the MAGS team into action, and their best hockey was played in the final quarter of the game. Jared Panchia scored the final goal of the game, with an impressive field goal just three minutes before full time, to cap off a Panchia family hat trick of goals!

The team, look forward to meeting Pakuranga College for the third time this season, in the final next week. Pakuranga College caused an upset beating top of Pool A, Auckland Grammar 2; after the scores were locked at fulltime and they went on to win after penalty strokes.

Full time score: 3-1 WIN
Goal scorers:
Daniel Panchia (2), Jared Panchia

Player of the Game: Dali Fan

Arun Panchia, Assistant Coach, was named in the Black Sticks team to play in the Oceania Cup to be played at the Turnbull Thomson Hockey Stadium, Invercargill from Tuesday 25 August ? Saturday 29 August.


Vs Pakuranga College - Wednesday 12 August

This round was the last in pool play and saw the top two teams in Pool B battling out a very tight game. The MAGS team met Pakuranga College in the Open A competition and were beaten 1-2 in a scrappy game where the team simply struggled to get their A game on the turf.
Captain, Thomas Guy was determined not to repeat the result this time round. Once again, we arrived and found only one umpire had turned up and the game started late as a result. Thanks to Peter Panchia for stepping in at the last minute and offering his umpiring services.

Pakuranga started strongly and were awarded two penalty corners within the first two minutes. The first required the MAGS goalkeeper, to produce a body/stick save off their first shot on goal and then Dali Fan, left back, was able to save a certain goal off the line with the Pakuranga second shot. The defense was buoyed by being able to repel both of the opposition goal-scoring opportunities and settled into their game plan. Pakuranga defended strongly and spoilt goal-scoring drives by the rampant Jared Panchia, from the right inside position. It was not until the 14th minute that Jared Panchia was able to penetrate the defense with an excellent strike and the game's first goal was scored. The game was very tight and rolling substitutes were being fully utilized by both teams as the intensity lifted. Both teams wanted to meet the second placed team in Pool A, in the semi-finals next week and hopefully the easier road to the final. Right on half-time the MAGS team was awarded a penalty corner and although the trap was good at the top of the circle, the strike on the ball had the keeper beaten but was just centimetres wide of the goal.

Half-time score:  1-0 MAGS

The pressure was growing and both teams were feeling it, making some uncharacteristic mistakes. In the tenth minute, Pakuranga scored a field goal, after Sachin Makan slipped and fell at the top of the circle and allowed a one-on-one with the keeper. Unfortunately, Thomas Guy was unable to prevent the goal being scored, on this occasion.
With the game all tied up the pressure was telling and the skill level decreased with both teams getting penalized for sloppy tackling. However, the MAGS team responded very quickly and substitute left wing, Samuel Rowland was in the right spot to be able to slot the ball into the back of the goal, and put the MAGS team back into the lead after 11 minutes. The Pakuranga team tried to equalize and goalkeeper, Thomas Guy, was forced to make numerous saves. Finally the full-time whistle blew and a rewarding win to the MAGS team resulted. Captain Thomas Guy led by example and fully deserved the player of the game award.

Full-time win: 2 - 1 WIN
Goal scorers: Jared Panchia, Samuel Rowland

Player of the Game: Thomas Guy

Thanks from the 1st XI team

The team management and players would like to thank everyone for their support of the fundraiser Tom, Dick and Harry, held at the Rose Centre, last night. A special thank you to Roger McGarry for his overall organization of this very successful theatre production fundraiser.


Vs Mt Roskill Grammar School - Wednesday 5 August

A strong start by MAGS saw the team dominate possession throughout the first half of the game. It was a frustrating game with six penalty corner goal-scoring opportunities not being converted. The MRGS goalkeeper kept his team in the game with some good saves although the shots were finding his pads rather than making him move around.

Half-time score: 0-0

After a change of plan during penalty corner options, the first one awarded to MAGS in the second half was converted after just three minutes. Vice-captain, Spencer McGarry pulled the ball out with speed and accuracy to Daniel Panchia who moved the ball left and his direct drive sent the ball screaming into the back of the goal. This spurred the team into action and just four minutes later, left half Sye Jones sent an excellent ball into the circle and Spencer McGarry was on hand to slot the ball into the goal. The final penalty corner of the game was just five minutes before the end of the game, and Sye Jones converted it. It was Sye?s first goal for the MAGS 1st XI in his two and a half seasons in the team. The game saw Troy Martin?s best performance of the season where he was able to move into space and find his wing and strike forwards. Sachin and Rasik Makan also found space and passing opportunities on the right hand side and Sachin even managed to drive the ball into the goal circle and get a shot on goal. Goalkeeper, Thomas Guy, had only one shot on goal, which he saved with ease. Jared Panchia had another solid game and battled two players marking him for most of the game. The team put into action the game plan, which never allowed MRGS into the game. This augers well for the top of the table clash next week, against Pakuranga College who beat us 1-2 in the first round in the Open A grade.

Full-time score: 3-0 WIN
Goal-scorers: Daniel Panchia, Spencer McGarry and Sye Jones

Player of the Game: Rasik Makan


Vs Botany Downs Secondary College - Wednesday 29 July 2009

The team started strongly even though the warm up time on the turf was less than ideal with less then three minutes. Samuel Rowland made his debut in the starting lineup. MAGS were awarded the first of their eight penalty corners during the game after only two minutes and Jared Panchia made no mistake slotting the ball into the back of the goal. The opposition struggled to contain the MAGS wave after wave of attack and really were only kept in the game by some good goalkeeping saves. The team had time to execute game plan moves with ease and converted the next two penalty corners into goals. The second goal was scored in the 16thth  on hand to tip the ball into the goal, showing excellent body position and a good eye to finish off attacking shots on goal. minute by Jared Panchia after a mistrap at the top of the circle was tidied up and the second wave of attack and shot on goal proved too good for the Botany Downs defence. The third MAGS goal was scored in the 19 minute, when the ball was sent left after the trap at the top of the circle and the ball then screamed into the circle finding right wing Jazz Beech,

Half time score: 3-0 MAGS

MAGS scored three penalty corner goals in the first half, and scored three field goals in the second half. The first field goal was scored after Sye Jones sent a strong shot on goal into the circle from his left inside position and once again Jazz Beech was in position to slot the ball into the back of the net, early in the second half. Jared Panchia scored his hat trick goal in the 16th minute, having battled a number of opposition sticks and bodies on his way into the circle to slot the ball into the net. Jared enjoyed the space he was given and although both teams were frustrated with the lack of umpire control regarding infringements going unnoticed, he finished a very good goal-fest with his fourth and the final goal of the game with an excellent reverse shot goal which left the goalkeeper completely by surprise. Coach, David Long, was a lot happier with the penalty corner conversion rate and it was great to see goal scoring opportunities being converted.

Full time score: 6-0 WIN

Goal scorers: Jared Panchia (4), Jazz Beech (2)
Player of the Day: Jared Panchia

Vs Kelston Boys High School - Wednesday 22 July


Another close to home game at Avondale turf, produced flashes of good team hockey and it gave coach, David Long, the opportunity to give the whole squad plenty of turf time. MAGS dominated the opening minutes and were rewarded with a good field goal finished off by Spencer McGarry after an excellent drive forward started by Sye Jones, left half, and then Jared Panchia sent a nicely weighted ball onto the right wing, Scott Lunn who sent a good ball into the circle for McGarry to finish off, just three minutes into the game. A minute later, Jared Panchia slotted away the second field goal, showing excellent patience and skill. Although, MAGS had the majority of the possession they were unable to capitalize on their chances and breaks into their attacking circle with a number of shots on goal being directed straight at the goalkeeper or hitting the woodwork around the goal. The team changes were rung, with the substitutes all getting plenty of game time.

Half-time score 2-0 MAGS

Captain, Thomas Guy, was keen to keep his goal clean throughout the game, for the first time this season and although Kelston made a number of fast breaks the defensive team were able to repel these attacks with a much better team effort from Rasik and Sachin Makan and Dali Fan. Sye Jones relished his opportunity to have a run in the forward line and combined well with Jared Panchia making excellent attacking moves and almost scored his first goal for the team, when five minutes into the second half he sent an excellent ball into the circle and Rhys Denby was on hand just to pop the ball into the goal. The final goal of the game was scored almost on fulltime, when Jazz Beech scored another field goal from quite wide on the circle. A good win for the team, however the disappointment was not being able to convert any goals from the seven penalty corner opportunities and the accuracy on goal was missing from the strike forwards. These are definitely areas that will need to be sorted before tournament. Sye Jones played a solid game in every position he played during the game and was awarded the player of the game.

Full time score: 4-0 Win

Goal scorers: Spencer McGarry, Jared Panchia, Rhys Denby and Jazz Beech

Player of the Game: Sye Jones


Jared Panchia ? Captained the winning Auckland Under 16 hockey team at their National tournament held in Hamilton during the second week of the holidays. The final was a closely fought affair playing rivals North Harbour who they had convincingly beaten in pool play earlier in the week. At he end of full time the scores were locked at 2-2 and two minutes into golden goal the Auckland team scored the winning goal. Jared had a great tournament and spoke very well during the presentation ceremony.

Sye Jones and Daniel Panchia ? played in the Auckland B Under 16 hockey team during the second week of the holidays at the Championship tournament, in Timaru. Their team was pipped in the semi final and they finished in 3rd= position after drawing their final match for 3rd/4th position.

Vs Lynfield College: Wednesday 1st July

This was the first game in the Open A/B competition, which was played a little closer to home at Avondale College, so almost a home fixture. We welcomed Samuel Rowlands to the team, for his first game having been added to the squad in preparation for tournament next term. The MAGS team started strongly over a less competitive team, from the top half of the  B Grade competition, and it was in the fifth minute that Jono Sinclair was on the posts and able to slot the ball into the back of the net for the first goal. Jared Panchia scored two further field goals in the seventh and 17th minute. Leading 3-0, the MAGS defence went to sleep and made a silly error, which the Lynfield team pounced upon and left goalkeeper, Thomas Guy, with a 2v1 situation. Lynfield made no mistake and were pleased to have scored before half time.

Half time score: 3-1 MAGS

After a stern half time talk from coach, David Long, the team was told that they needed to lift their performance above the performance of the opposition. Thomas Guy, made an excellent save from the Lynfield College penalty corner opportunity early in the second half and this lifted the team into a slightly improved second half performance. Lots of space was being created, but few opportunities were being taken with any assertiveness. The Lynfield College goalkeeper had an impressive game repelling numerous shots on goal, which frustrated the forwards. Troy Martin, playing in the Left Inside position, enjoyed the extra space he was allowed in the game and converted the best goal of the game in the 11th minute, a reverse shot high into the net from the top of the circle. The final MAGS goal was scored by Rhys Denby; his first goal of the season, in the 19th minute. The game was not pretty to watch, with scrappy play and poor option taking leading to the lower than expected score. Lynfield College raised their bar and we were not able to do the basics well enough to dominate play and convert the numerous opportunities that came our way. Scott Lunn, unavailable due to illness, was missed especially during penalty corners.

The team and management would like to thank, Bruce Long, who detoured en route home from work to assist with umpiring the game. For the third time this season, we have been about to start the game and find only one umpire has turned up, which is frustrating for the team and coach; the latter blew the whistle until Bruce arrived. 

Full time score: 5-1 Win
Goal scorers:
Jared Panchia (2), Jono Sinclair, Troy Martin, Rhys Denby

Player of the Game: Troy Martin

Vs St Kentigern College: Wednesday 24 June

A much more intensified start saw the MAGS team muscling up against the stronger and more fancied opposition who were sitting in third place in the competition. However, the defense faced an early penalty corner after only two minutes, Goalkeeper, Thomas Guy, was up to the challenge and deflected a strong drag flick. A second penalty corner, only two minutes later saw the ball deflect off a fullback's stick into the goal.
St Kentigern College took the lead. The defense sorted out the penalty corner problems and repelled another three penalty corner attempts on goal by the opposition team. Excellent goalkeeping and defensive teamwork cleared the ball out of the defensive circle on each occasion. After an umpire mistake with timing the first half was ended after only 20minutes instead of the regulation 25 minutes, hence the second half was a longer 30 minute half to make up for the shortened first half.

Half time score 0-1 St Kentigern

After a strong first half, the MAGS team tried to take advantage of the opposition team having to play with their playmaker spending time in the sin-bin. In the sixth minute, the MAGS team was awarded their first penalty corner, and after the ball was trapped on the top of the circle, Daniel Panchia passed the ball to his brother, Jared, who slotted the ball into the goal.  However, once St Kentigern College was back to 11 players on the field, they dominated the MAGS team and scored four field goals in the second half. After an improved team performance, especially in the first 40 minutes of the game, the final result was disappointing.  Jared Panchia played another tireless game from the Right Inside position.

Full Time Score: 1-5 St Kentigern College
Goal Scorer:
Jared Panchia

Player of the Game: Jared Panchia

Vs Auckland Grammar School 2nd XI - Wednesday 17 June 

A team reshuffle due to illness meant our starting lineup had team members playing in unfamiliar positions and Grammar took no time in realizing this was the case. They scored their first goal only 30 seconds into the game. The MAGS team responded and equalized with an excellent field goal finished off by Scott Lunn. The Grammar team scored two more quick field goals in the next five minutes, which really knocked the MAGS team going 1-3 down so early in the game. The team missed left half Sye Jones? solid play, who was sidelined due to illness and this really left our defence very vulnerable.

Half time score: 1-3 Grammar

Any early MAGS penalty corner goal was disallowed early in the second half, which was disappointing. The Grammar team scored their fourth field goal of the game six minutes into the second half. The MAGS team was desperate to close the gap and started to produce better team hockey in the final fifteen minutes of the game and were rewarded by two well-executed penalty corner goals. The first involved Panchia brothers, Jared sending a well-weighted pass into the spot and younger brother Daniel slotting the ball into the back of the net. The second goal Daniel Panchia scored from a direct shot. The clock was always going to be the enemy for the MAGS team and although there was still two minutes of game time to go, at the Auckland Grammar turf, the games end as soon as the water cannons start and so the MAGS team had left their run too late and finished with a very disappointing loss. Scott Lunn, although he had rolled his ankle earlier in the week at practice and was a doubtful starter, played his best game of the season in the wing forward positions. Jared Panchia worked tirelessly throughout the game.

Final score: 3-4 Auckland Grammar 2nd XI
Goal scorers
: Daniel Panchia (2) and Scott Lunn

Player of the game: Scott Lunn

Vs Pakuranga College: Wednesday 11 June.

A 4.00pm start and traffic delays did not give the team the perfect start to a must win game. Both teams were looking for a win, which may seal entry into the Premier Intercity competition later in the season. The MAGS team was very slow to settle and Pakuranga took the upper hand right from the opening whistle and capitalized from their first penalty corner when they converted a slow drag flick from the top of the circle into the back of the net after only six minutes. The MAGS team was knocked off their game plan, with some solid play and tackling, and the Pakuranga team continued to hustle the ball, putting our defence under continuous pressure and it was only a matter of time until they scored their second goal, this time a well-executed field goal.

Half time score: 0-2 Pakuranga

The second half was a little better, but the pressure and lack of individual and team performance meant we were forced into playing catch up hockey and the Pakuranga team simply slowed play down and protected their possession of the ball. A tough umpire decision late in the game saw, Scott Lunn, spend five minutes in the sin bin. To the MAGS team?s credit they did manage to stop any further goals being scored against them and late in the game, Jared Panchia, who was frustrated not only by the score and lack of skills being displayed but also by the fact that he was feeling miserable with cold symptoms, managed to display many of his skills and outwit the opposition and score an excellent individual field goal. However, the clock was against the MAGS team and Pakuranga  simply played tournament style hockey counting down the last minutes. The MAGS team had three penalty corners in the second half, but was unable to get the ball past the Pakuranga defense.  Newcomer to the team in 2009, Year 10 Jazz Beech, played a never give up style of hockey and worked doggedly right until the final whistle and was awarded the player of the game.

It was a disappointing game performance wise, especially after the highs of the Grammar game in the previous week. There are two more games in the Open A Boys round robin competition, so the MAGS team will have to get things back on track very quickly.

Full time score: 1-2 Pakuranga College
Goal scorer: Jared Panchia

Player of the Game: Jazz Beech

Vs Auckland Grammar School: Wednesday 3 June

The team were put on the back foot early when a back pass to the defense did not make it to the player due to the heavily watered turf and Auckland Grammar swooped on the open ball and scored a field goal after only three minutes. However, the MAGS team were not put off their game and settled better than the Grammar side that were rattled by the solid tackling and determination of our side. Captain, Thomas Guy, made some excellent saves in goal, which continued to frustrate the opposition and forced them into uncharacteristic mistakes from the highly ranked Rankin Cup side.

Half time: 0-1

An excellent first half and it was a welcome return for Left Inside player, Troy Martin, who was playing his first game of the season having missed the first three games due to injury. Grammar scored their second goal from a penalty corner drag flick early in the second half. At 0-2, MAGS still were penetrating the Grammar defensive quarter and causing plenty of concern. A solid team effort meant there was no further scoring until the last three minutes when Grammar got two field goals, which was a disappointing end to an excellent team game with the whole team stepping up and playing both individually and as a team the best game this season. The Grammar team?s frustration led to their captain being yellow-carded late in the game and missing the last minute of the game. This was a true test of the team?s character as they were being hustled both on and off the ball. In the dying seconds of the game, we were awarded a penalty corner and the resulting shot on goal forced their keeper into a good save to keep their net clean for the game.

The team appreciated the wonderful support from both students and parents who not only braved the cool conditions but also outnumbered the Grammar supporters, which really lifted the performance of the MAGS team.

Full time score: 0-4 Auckland Grammar
Player of the game: The Whole Team on a game well played!

Vs Macleans College: Wednesday 27 May

Connor Christian played his first game for the 1st XI  due to an injury to Dali Fan. The Macleans College team started well lead by a very skilful German player and scored two penalty corner goals and a field goal.
Unfortunately the umpires forgot the halves were 25 minutes each way and the Macleans field goal was scored in the 27th minute of the first half! The MAGS team was unable to penetrate the attacking circle., throughout the first half.

Half time Score: 0-3

Goalkeeper, Thomas Guy, made some good saves, however the defense did not work as a team and found it difficult to control the Macleans forward attacks.  Scott Lunn, scored a field goal after seven minutes. This raised the spirits of the team, who fought hard for the remainder of the game.
Macleans scored their final field goal with a well-executed reverse shot. Jared Panchia toiled for most of the game, whilst injured and covered a lot of ground with little success.
Player of the Game was given to Scott Lunn who adapted to playing on both sides of the field and showed an improved all-round performance.

Final Score: 1-4 Macleans College
Goal Scorer: Scott Lunn
Player of the Game: Scott Lunn

Vs King's College: Wednesday 20 May

The first time in te last two seasons that we have played on the King's College hockey turf.
MAGS team started well  although gave away an early penalty corner to King's College who took the scoring opportunity and converted a direct shot goal, caused by a defensive error.
Captain, Thomas Guy and Jared Panchia stepped up and settled the team producing some strong breaks into the King's circle, however we were unable to finish off the moves due to the strong opposition  defensive unit.
The MAGS defense stepped up after their early mistake correcting their defensive penalty corners and repelled King's College during their second penalty corner in first half.

Halftime Score: 0-1

An early goal by the MAGS team spurred them on. Scott Lunn converted a penalty corner pass from Jared Panchia after only three minutes into the second half.
King's College then responded with three more goals in the second half, two field goals and one penalty corner goal late in the game.
Year 10 student, Daniel Panchia played a full game in the very demanding centre half position and fully deserved being awarded the player of the game.

Full time Score: 1-4 Loss
Goal scorer: Scott Lunn
Player of the Game: Daniel Panchia

Vs Kings College 2nd XI: Wednesday, May 13.

The first game of the season, played in wintery conditions at Lloyd Elsmore Park against Kings College 2nd XI saw the team captained by goalkeeper, Thomas Guy, make an excellent start.
Jared Panchia, playing in the right inside position, used his  skills to get through four members of the opposing team and scored an excellent goal after eight minutes.
Vice-captain, Spencer McGarry rounded off the first half with a hat-trick of goals scored in the 13th, 15th and 23rd minutes.

Half time: 4-0

The second half, saw an improved performance by the King's team, however MAGS scored early in the half. Scott Lunn pushing the ball into the back of the net after an excellent centring pass from Jared Panchia.
King's College scored their only goal late in the game.
New team members, Cameron Anderson, Jazz Beech, Rhys Denby, Dali Fan and Jono Sinclair all made valuable contributions in their first game in the 1st XI team.
Sye Jones playing in the left half position adapted well to the new rules this season and had a very solid game and was awarded the Player of the game.

Full-time score:  5-1 Win
Goal scorers: Spencer McGarry (3), Jared Panchia, Scott Lunn

Player of the game: Sye Jones