Regional representation: 2007

Auckland U15 won their National tournament in New Plymouth. Team members Tuaine Keenan (Capt) (Y11) and Porsche Tiavale (Yr 11)

Auckland/Waitakere U17 won the U17 National Tournament in Wanganui. Team members Kelly Griffin (Named in tournament), Lesley Simone, Darrell Leota (Named in tournament) and Portia Woodman (Named in tournament team).

Auckland/Waitakere U19 Team came third at their tournament in Hamilton. Team member Lavinia Vaitohi (Named in tournament).

Further news:August 9.

Congratulations to Lavinia Vaitohi who was selected for the NPC No 1 team and Kelly Griffin and TeRina Keenan who were selected for the NPC No 2 team .