Auckland Secondary Schools Lacrosse Tournament: August 10

New Zealand Secondary Schools Lacrosse Champs.

The event numbers are up on last year with 19 teams (5 more than 2006) from 14 different schools (2 out-of Auckland) competing to find who will be the AKSS Lacrosse Champs and the NZSS Lacrosse Champs!

Whangarei Girls High School will be back to protect the National title and Auckland Girls' Grammar School will be out with a vengeance to protect there Auckland title whilst trying to steal the National title off Whangarei.

Teams will be competing in 2 divisions in a straight round robin competition where the team with the highest points at the end of the day wins!

Division One will have 9 teams competing for the 2 titles -

Auckland Girls Grammar School 1
Avondale College 1
Diocesan School 1
Epsom Girls Grammar School
Mt Albert Grammar School 1
Pinehurst School
Western Springs College
Whangaparaoa College 1
Whangarei Girls High School

Division Two will have 10 teams competing for the wooden stick -

Auckland Girls Grammar School 2
Avondale College 2
Diocesan School 2
Kamo High School
Mt Albert Grammar School 2
St Dominics College
St Marys College
Waiheke High School
Westlake Girls High School

Mount Albert Grammar School had two teams entered in this competition, an A and a B team.
The draw didn't favour the A team with 6 20 minute games in a row with a bye in the last game in pool play.
The end of the pool saw MAGS playing their nemesis Avondale College to whom they finished 2nd in the Auckland League season by 4 points. Avondale 36, Mount Albert Grammar School 32 points.
They lost this game by 5 goals and thus bowed out of the competition. At this stage the placing result is still to be finalised.


This years tournament again had perfect lacrosse weather, a cool breeze and warm sun. We were confident this year of improving on last years results. We did on some levels. We only lost 2 of our 8 games with the worst draw in the tournament. In this draw we had to play 6 games before the girls could have a rest. Luckily our squad was larger than last year but it was still very hard work for them.

Unfortunately we drew 2 games that we should have won meaning we finished 3rd overall rather than 2nd as we were seeded.
The girls played hard but were beaten by fitness rather than skill which I think the girls found disappointing.
We still played well and I recall one of the officials commenting that we were one of the few squads that played as a team. We have our stars but the whole team usually contributed to every goal and play of the match.

The girls conducted themselves well and were a credit to the school. The tournament finished on a melancholy note as it was the last time that the the year 13's on the team could play Lacrosse for Mount Albert Grammar School.
I hope they continue playing the sport and have enjoyed playing as much as I have enjoyed coaching them.

James Beetham: Teacher in Charge of Lacrosse.

The results were as follows:


Vs Whangarei Girls High School

0 - 3

Vs Diocesan School
2 - 2
Vs Auckland Girls Grammar School Draw
4 - 4
Vs Pinehurst School Win
5 - 0
Vs Western Springs College Win
4 - 2
Vs Epsom Girls Grammar School
7 - 1
Vs Avondale College
1 - 6


Vs Westlake Girls High School
2 - 3
Vs St Dominics College

Vs Avondale College
Loss 1 - 4
Vs Diocesan School
Loss 1 - 3
Vs St Marys College
Loss 1 - 2
Vs Auckland Girls Grammar 2
5 - 1
Vs Kamo High School
Loss 1 - 4
Vs Waiheke High School
Loss 1 - 2











Vs Waiheke High School: Courtesy Mr Brian Murphy

Vs Auckland Girls Grammar School: Mr Brian Murphy